What is Grow Strong?

Grow Strong is a Christian-based Skills and Mentorship Programme run by Marc and Brigit Oudejans who have a passion for equipping teenagers with new skills, offering them tangible hope, and creating an environment in which they feel nurtured, are able to heal and learn to thrive.

Grow Strong provides a nurturing environment, mainly tailored for students hailing from underprivileged communities who may not thrive in conventional academic settings and do not have the means to attend a school of skills.


Through our vocational curriculum, Grow Strong empowers young individuals to navigate the professional landscape and the challenges of life once they are an adult. The programme not only imparts practical skills but also cultivates resilience,  discover their sense of self-worth and confidence. In addition to academic and vocational training, Grow Strong places a strong emphasis sports, cultural activities, and community service projects. These endeavors foster a spirit of social responsibility, encouraging students to contribute positively to their neighborhoods despite economic hardships.


Furthermore, Grow Strong offers opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience through internships and workshops facilitated by industry professionals. We also host regular markets where the students can showcase and sell goods crafted during their skills training sessions, gaining valuable exposure to entrepreneurship and the satisfaction of tangible achievements.


Why are we needed in Grabouw?


There is a high rate of uneducated out-of-school youth, who have a history of abuse, live in poverty, and face joblessness, gangs, or petty crime as the only options for their future.


Why does this programme work?


Our facilitators and volunteers come together to form a force that tackles the internal and external obstacles these boys face, and by God’s grace help them redeem their lives. Giving them skills, courage, and practical assistance to change the trajectory of their lives.


We have the support of the local community, the department of education, and amazing volunteers who are willing to serve, love, and grow as a team.


Who are the students?


The programme is designed for teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19 who have not been able to complete their academic schooling. Grow Strong also welcomes students from LSEN schools who require a further year of training and encouragement. Our students are boys that have chosen to change the trajectory of their future. They have chosen to not sit at home, to not walk the streets, but to equip themselves for a future that holds possibilities.


Year One’s focus will be on getting learners hearts strengthened with new hope and building trust.

  • Team building
  • Group sports & fun activities
  • Personality and strength finding opportunities
  • Gardening, cooking, baking, sewing, and woodwork
  • Numeracy and literacy


Year Two will focus more on learning new skills and equipping applicants to face new challenges.

  • Public speaking and communication skills

  • Garden work, cooking, baking, sewing, and woodwork

  • Numeracy and literacy

  • Off-site job shadowing


Year Three sees the learners applying what they have learnt and using it practically.

  • Off-site job shadowing

  • Product sales

  • Leadership opportunities

  • Onsite supervisory positions

  • Numeracy and literacy

Get Involved

Be one of our part time volunteers or come share your passions and skills during a Grow Strong class.

Join Our Team


Your contribution enables us to nurture potential, offer hope and keep our doors open for at risk youth.

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Meet OUr Team


Marc Oudejans

Director & Facilitator

Brigit Oudejans


We have been Child and Youth Care Workers in the Grabouw Community since 2018 and have watched children struggle with their identity, their confidence and developing a healthy mindset, purely because they battle academically.


We have seen how that struggle turns to frustration, bitterness and an anger towards themselves and the world around them; and eventually they give up on trying – hopeless. 


We have seen the difference in a teenager who learns a skill and receives praise. They think, move and live differently once they feel empowered, appreciated, and part of something positive. 

We want to see this change in more young people, we want to see less despair, less frustration, and less anger.  

We want to show these teens that they have gifts, talents and a purpose. We want to show them how to cling to hope.


We have a team of men and woman who have stuck up their hands to assist us without compensation, either regularly or as the need arises. We are incredibly grateful to people who are willing to offer up their time, share their passions, wisdom and skills.


Should you be interested in joining our team or helping out in some way? Send us an email on
We would love to have a chat!

Ubner Williams

Volunteer Facilitator

Billy Miller

Volunteer Facilitator

John & Rona Miller

Director & Volunteer Advisory Support

Niels Filter